Today’s Specials

  -  Jul. 07

Soup du Jour Creamy Zucchini - $4.75

Salmon Quiche - $9.95
Served with organic green salad.

New! Tarte d’Alsace - $9.25
French flatbread pastry topped with Lardon (ham), cream and Swiss cheese.

Ham & Swiss Crepe - $9.95
Served with organic green salad

NEW !!! Melon and Prosciutto - $9.95
Delicious combo of Melon slices and Prosciutto

Potato Gnocchi with Pesto Sauce - $11.25

BBQ Pork Ribs with Lentils - $14.95
Fire barbecued pork ribs with lemon zest flavor served over lentils

Homemade Dark Chocolate Mousse - $4.50

Mini Eclairs Assorted - $5.00
6 assorted mini eclairs filled with custard cream and chocolate

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