Today’s Specials

  -  Apr. 23

Flatbread Savoy - $9.95
French Flatbread Cream Suisse, Red Onions, Bacon and Blue Cheese

New! Sopressata Panini - $9.35
Italian Sopressata Panini with pepper jack cheese and tomato,

Lobster Ravioli - $12.75
Delicious homemade Lobster Ravioli in Alfredo sauce.

Tarte du jour 'Provence' - $9.95
Pesto,Tomato,Mozzarella,Spinach Tart on fine crust

Black Truffle & Leek Quiche - $9.95
Black Truffle & Leek Quiche. Served with organic green salad.

Spinach & Swiss Cheese Crepe - $8.65
Served with organic green salad.

Soup du Jour Creamy Tomato Bisque - $4.75

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